Art Campbell wrote:
> Assuming you mean that they're still going to be discrete lists within
> the TOC, no, it shouldn't be a problem.
> In the TOC, just import the LOF and LOT files as text insets.
> Art
> On Feb 19, 2008 11:52 AM, Deirdre Reagan <deirdre.reagan at> wrote:
>> Well, now I have a problem.
>> We've decided to keep the order TOC, LOF, LOT, and to put the LOF and
>> the LOT in the TOC.
>> Is there some way I can automate that?  Or, since the LOF and the LOT
>> are automatically generated, do I have to do it by hand each time I
>> generate a TOC?
>> Thanks so much,
>> Deirdre
>> _______________________________________________

Or perhaps Deirdre means she wants the TOC to have references to, and 
page numbers for, the LOF and LOT.  In which case, Deirdre, once you 
generate the LOF and LOT, you will of course add some sort of heading 
pgf for each.  Just add those heading tags to the Include list when you 
set up your TOC.


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