Yes LOF and LOT are both examples of front matter, but so is a ToC.

IMHO, the only things (standard elements) that should come before the
ToC are the Cover and the Legal page (if not at the end). Anything else
will likely just be contrary to user expectations.

With that said, there ARE exceptions to every rule, and this may be one
(though on the surface, it doesn't sound like it). Before acquiescing,
I'd ask for a better reason than the "front matter" one.  Perhaps he can
show you some examples of documents (external to your organization) that
are organized his way?


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Hi all:

My co-worker and I are debating about the order of the TOC, LOF and
LOT.  I say they are all tables of content, and should come in the
order TOC, LOF, LOT (or LOT, LOF, I don't really mind, just TOC

He says that LOF and LOT are front matter and are not called out in
the TOC, so they should come before the TOC.

Any comments?



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