Use a user variable. That's what they're designed for.> Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 
10:02:15 -0600> From: deirdre.reagan at> To: framers at> Subject: Find and Replace cross references> > Good 
morning fellow Framemaker Users!> > You didn't think a day would pass without 
my popping my head in with> another question, did you?> > I'm on XP using 
Framemaker 8.0., working with documents someone else wrote.> > So, the original 
author has hand typed the name of the document into> 
(there's about 100 of them). Unfortunately> (s)he got the name wrong.> > I can 
do a find and replace for the name of the document, but would it> be possible 
to replace the hand-typed text with a cross-reference?> > Thanks so much!> 
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