You could probably do it with AutoIT, though it would take some practice
to get right.  If you have an engineer to work with, they could probably
make quick work out of it (after complaining about how AutoIT is too
much like Visual Basic) with your help.

I managed to hack together automation for many of my tasks.


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A client would like to be able to have a script that runs nightly that
do the following:

- Pull FM files and books from their version control system (PVCS)

- Maybe set conditions (not sure if this is needed yet)

- Update the books

- Create PDFs of books and some stand-alone files

- Put the resulting PDFs in a specific place for the nightly build

It seems like fmbatch can do this, but I think it only works with FM for
Unix (they have FM for Win). 

Can any of the other FDK tools do this? (An in-house developer will
write the script.)

What about FrameScript?

What tool is best?

Thanks for your help!

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