Hi Deirdre, from beautiful sunny-but-frosty-and-snowy-cold Ohio (where
we're never quite sure who to blame--er, THANK for sharing their weather
with us),

I'm not quite I understand why or how you want to use the cross
references, but I think maybe you're headed up the wrong alley. If I
understand your situation correctly, I think perhaps a better solution
would be to use conditionalized text and settings for all three
elements. That way, all you have to do come time to publish is to turn
show/hide the appropriate conditional text settings. The only other
thing you would need to worry about then would be having a different
book file for each output, one that has all the chapters, the other that
includes only a subset. 

Clear as mud? Let me know if you need further pointers. 

Chuck Beck

Sr. Technical Writer | Infor | Office: 614.523.7302 |
Charles.Beck at infor.com 

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Friends!  Countrymen!  Frame Users!

Good day to you from rainy southern Alabama!  Thank to you Texas,
Loiusiana and Mississippi (which is ALWAYS fun to type!) for sharing
this rain-making event!

On to the question ---

In my Introduction, I have three interrelated elements:

A.  a paragraph that lists all the chapters

B.  a table that lists all the chapters and their page blocks

C.  individual paragraphs to describe the content of each chapter

Sometime we use all the chapters, some times we don't.  So, if we are
writing a document and using only four of the five chapters, I have to
delete the chapter name from (A), the chapter name from (B), and the
chapter description paragraph(C).

Would it be possible, using cross-references, to generate (A) and (B) by
cross-referencing the headings for (C)?

I tried it, and when I deleted one of the paragraphs from (C),  the
chapter name in (A) and (B) also disappeared, but one of the other
chapter names duplicated itself.

Any thoughts?



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