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> OK, bear with me - What about the situation where you have a 
> text inset that's just a sentence, and there's no trailing 
> paragraph break in the inset,  and you want to use the 
> sentence mid-paragraph elsewhere? I can't seem to get the 
> inset sentence to flow to the next sentence without a 
> paragraph break showing up in the container doc that's not in 
> the inset. It's like the file end character (that doubled-S 
> squiggle thing) makes FM put a paragraph break there 
> regardless of what I put after the inset marker. Is that just 
> functioning as designed, and I'm not supposed to be able to 
> use an inset that way? ( which case, maybe a user 
> variable is a better answer if it's just a sentence we need 
> to reuse mid-paragraph...?)

The squiggle thing is an end-of-flow symbol. A text inset is never just
a sentence, it's always an entire flow (of course, there may have only
one sentence -- or word -- in the flow). When the source is an FM file,
this is explicit in the dialog box, Import Text Flow by Reference, where
you can select which flow in the source doc to import. 

A flow always contains one or more pgfs. So a one-sentence flow is also
a one-pgf flow; you can't avoid the pgf end. But you should be able to
(I haven't tried it) define the source pgf as a Run-In Head so that
there's no break after it. 

Here's another idea: Save your sentence as a text file and import that
by reference. In the Import Text File by Reference dialog, select Merge
Lines into Paragraphs. FM inserts the entire sentence at the cursor
location, and it assumes the formatting of the container pgf. 

> How about when you have the inset preceding a paragraph of 
> body text, and the last paragraph of the inset is supposed to 
> be a numbered list, but the numbering won't hold if you 
> follow the text inset with anything other than a numbered list?

Now, that one I've never seen. Sorry, I don't have a clue; that
shouldn't happen. :-( 


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