> Is there a way to generate fractions
> without just writing them like I am here (i.e. 1/4)?

One method is to buy any of the various fraction fonts available. Go to 
myfonts.com or other font seller and search for "fractions." Yes, you still 
have to enter them by typing the individual characters, but they will be 
properly sized and kerned. You'll have to apply a character format to them 
that uses the appropriate fraction font, or they may display as other 
characters, based on the paragraph format.

Some of the "Pro" fonts include Unicode font numerators, denominators, and 
fraction slash. You can copy and paste them from Character Map, since you 
have FM8. Again, you'll have to apply a character format to them, unless the 
font is the same one used for the whole paragraph.

Mike Wickham

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