Some fractions are part of standard unicode, available from the standard 
Windows Character Map--e.g., ?, ?, ?.Sean Pollock

> From: mewickham at> To: framers at> 
> Subject: Re: fractions> Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 15:11:08 -0600> > > Is there a 
> way to generate fractions> > without just writing them like I am here (i.e. 
> 1/4)?> > One method is to buy any of the various fraction fonts available. Go 
> to > or other font seller and search for "fractions." Yes, you 
> still > have to enter them by typing the individual characters, but they will 
> be > properly sized and kerned. You'll have to apply a character format to 
> them > that uses the appropriate fraction font, or they may display as other 
> > characters, based on the paragraph format.> > Some of the "Pro" fonts 
> include Unicode font numerators, denominators, and > fraction slash. You can 
> copy and paste them from Character Map, since you > have FM8. Again, you'll 
> have to apply a character format to them, unless the > font is the same one 
> used for the whole paragraph.> > Mike Wickham> > > 
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