Pete Rourke wrote: 

> On a generated index, I have a two column spread 
> alphabetically. My problem is trying to find the right 
> combination of 'keep with', Widow/Orphan lines, Format  to 
> keep it from leaving the Group Titles IX paragraph with its 
> Index line at the bottom of a column or page, and the first 
> entry standing all alone at the top of the second column or 
> the top of the next page.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the problem, but if the GroupTitlesIX
paragraph definition has Keep With Next turned on (on the Pagination tab
of Paragraph Designer), it won't appear alone at the bottom of a

Maybe you turned on Keep With Next for a specific instance of the
paragraph only (like in the reference page IX flow), by clicking Apply
instead of Update All? 


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