Thanks Richard

The pgf format is "GroupTitlesIX", and there is no asterisk on the status
line. There is only one GroupTitlesIX format in the paragraph catalog, and
re-applying the format changed nothing.

I know that adding a new line above the broken pgf is an option were I on a
hard deadline, but I will journey on at the straw grasping. 

Thanks again


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Pete Rourke wrote: 

> I went through each index header letter, and they were all 
> the Group Titles IX, but I did do the update all.
> This partially fixed my problem. It took care of all but one 
> letter - O which with its index line is on one page, and the 
> content is on the next.
> The column break on other letters was fixed with the update all.

Put the text cursor in the "broken" pgf and look at the status line at
the bottom left of the window. The pgf format name is displayed there;
does it have an asterisk next to it? If so, that indicates an override.
Reapply the pgf format to that pgf. 

Grasping at straws now: FM's name for this format is "GroupTitlesIX,"
which isn't the same as "Group Titles IX." You don't have two similar
but not identical format names going, do you? 


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