Leah Smaller wrote:
> Good day mavins,
> I have 2 books where book 1 uses files 1 - 10 and book 2 uses some of
> the same files (let's say files 5 - 7).
> I want to set up the books (files) so that in book 1 all the pages
> are numbered consecutively, starting from page 1 in file 1.  Thus the
> first page in file 5 will be, for instance, page 35.
> I also want the pages in book 2 to start from 1; here file 5 needs to
> start at page 1.
> How can I set up the numbering so this happens automatically and the
> page number in files 5 - 7 are appropriate in each book without
> requiring human intervention.


In addition to comments made by others, you also need to ensure that you 
set the numbering properties for your books in the Book Window, not in 
the individual chapter files.  Settings in the Book Window override 
settings saved in the files.

Select the first file in the book, and set its numbering to start at 
one; select the remaining files and set their numbering to continue from 
previous file.  Update and save the book, and you're good to go.


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