FrameMaker 7.0, structured, Mac OS X 10.4.11

I am seeing a strange problem that I cannot recall having encountered before. 
Xrefs are picking up font and/or color information from the xref target - or 
somewhere - rather than from the underlying text. If I manually zap them with 
'default para font', all is well until the document is opened again, the xrefs 
are updated, and some (not all!) of them assume the wrong font/color again.

The xrefs are defined in the EDD as follows:

Element (CrossReference): XRef

        Attribute list
                Name: Idref     ID Reference    Required 

        Initial cross-reference format
                In all contexts.
                        Use cross-reference format: Page

Nothing unusual there. Where this problem affects the font and/or color of the 
xref, the character attributes of the xref itself show 'As is' rather than the 
relevant attribute of the underlying text.

I seem to be able to fix this by including '<Default ? Font>' in the relevant 
cross-reference format, but should I have to? Is this intended behavior?


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