At 01:47 AM 1/11/2008, Steve Rickaby wrote:
>  Xrefs are picking up font and/or color information from the xref target 
> - or somewhere - rather than from the underlying text. If I manually zap 
> them with 'default para font', all is well until the document is opened 
> again, the xrefs are updated, and some (not all!) of them assume the 
> wrong font/color again.
>I seem to be able to fix this by including '<Default ? Font>' in the 
>relevant cross-reference format, but should I have to? Is this intended 

   I suspect that the behavior you report is really independent of the fact 
that your documents are structured. A cross-reference preserves font 
changes that are made by applying character formats from the character 
catalog but does not preserve font changes that are made as untagged 
overrides to the source's default paragraph font.
   Structure is relevant only as far as the way your EDD specifies 
character formatting. If you have two t

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