Hey, Ken:

I know that you know that I empathize deeply with the utter 
frustration you must feel.

One suggestion, and I know a number of very helpful ones have been 
proffered here recently...

Is your C drive getting a bit -- crowded?  And/or the destination 
drive of your .ps file?

As I think about my nightmare, nothing had changed in terms of my 
Frame doc, fonts, software versions, etc.  However, my C drive was 
very full.  My theory about what might have triggered the initial 
Internal Error is that FM could not find room to store the .ps 
file.  Now, why it decided to overwrite itself on disk when that 
happened, well, that is between Adobe and its developers.  But -- 
maybe you should try to make sure there is a huge amount of extra 
space on your C drive and on the destination drive of the .ps before 
you try to generate the .ps file.

Anyway, here's hoping for more reliable PDF-ing for us all.

-- Emily

At 09:41 AM 1/16/2008, Ken Stitzel wrote:
>THANK YOU to the longsuffering Emily for raising the topic and to
>everyone who responded to her plea with helpful suggestions. I, too,
>have labored under the same massively frustrating problem. Adobe support
>had a few suggestions but was largely a useless ineffective joke. The
>problem kept recurring, leaving me in hot water with my boss and dead in
>the water when trying to meet critical deadlines. AUGH!
>What finally SEEMS to have fixed the problem for me (crossing fingers,
>knocking on wood, hoping that Murphy's Law will not now extract a
>horrible vengeance) is the suggestion about deleting the FNTCACHE.DAT
>file in the C:\i386 and C:\WINDOWS\system32 folders. I haven't figured
>out a way to automate this yet, but I did create some shortcuts to the
>relevant directories so I can Eradicate the Evil Badness when necessary.

Emily Berk

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