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> Thanks Stuart,
> I've tried both with and without spaces.
> What is funny is that
> Index Marker =  Items;<$nopage>Violation:Items
> The Items shows up in the Index, but the Violation:Items does not.
> In the Index, there are 15 secondary items that do work under the primary
> Violation, I just can't get the word "Items" as a secondary even if the

Did you by chance source any of this document from Word?

If so (and in general with squirrely marker behavior) it's often 
worth an export to MIF and an examination of the marker statements.

In the past we've found odd, non-printing characters that should not 
be in the marker, and these can cause fits. Word is infamous for 
putting in leading and trailing hex 20 (or was it decimal 20 - can't 
remember) characters - invisible on screen and paper, but confusing 
for FM's marker parser.

Give that a shot.

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