Hello Everyone,

We use several versions of Frame, from 6+SGML through
Frame 8, to create software manuals. We have been
using Frame for many years, but my company's
purchasing department recently asked us to stop
ordering Acrobat and to instead try using a product
called PDF Converter. Cost-cutting. 

Because I was asked to, I tested PDF Converter and
found that it does not recognize Frame files. After
fiddling around with it, I was able to print an
individual chapter of one manual to the PDF Converter
printer, which resulted in a PDF of that chapter, but
the PDF had no bookmarks or hyperlinks. I believe the
product may be able to create bookmarks but they have
to be done manually (imagine doing this at production
time), but on the topic of hyperlinks, the included
documentation is silent.

The product also claims that PDFs created from it can
be edited, but it appears it does so by converting the
PDF to a Word file. I don't see the appeal of this
when the source was created in Frame. What am I
missing? In any case, I was unsuccessful in creating a
PDF of an entire manual that resembled the manuals we
have been producing successfully for many years using

However, I am still tasked with justifying why we need
Acrobat. Therefore, if anyone out there is using PDF
Converter to create PDF files from Frame, and you are
able to create PDF versions of multi-chapter books
that contain hundreds of hyperlinks, automatically
generated bookmarks, and all the other features
standard with Acrobat, would you please be kind enough
to write to me and tell me how you do it?

Or, if anyone has made a comparison of the features of
PDF Converter to Acrobat in the tasks required to
create complex manuals (automatic bookmarks,
hyperlinks, accessibility, embedded fonts--you know
what I mean), I would also appreciate having that

Emmy Aricioglu

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