Rob Shell wrote:
> Dear Framers:
> thanks for the direct replies about my crashlogs: very helpful.
> First, my platform: I am using Framemaker 7.2p158 on Windows XP Second 
> edition with all its updates.
> I have a virtually clean machine with A to O drives. I mention this as I 
> print export to different drives for space reasons.
> I am printing .ps files to another, spacious drive. The current book file 
> has 77 heavily indexed, heavily illustrated document files.
> Many of my crashlogs provide the page number where it stopped distilling. 
> Turns out this was the last page of the document file. When I inspected the 
> last page it looked good, until I noticed that after the last word there was 
> that symbol which looked like an 8, but aint.
> That symbol was on its own line and when I pulled up paragraph designer, the 
> paragraph label was "body" and the font was Script24 ( I forget the exact 
> spelling).
> I am unable to change that font using the default font in character 
> designer. In some other files the same character at the same point in the 
> file was Times Roman. Also quite unable to change the font. What is this 
> character and why is it visiting my files?

The character is the end-of-flow character, and it appears in any and 
every file that has a text flow.  It acts like the pilcrow at the end of 
all your other paragraphs.

I don't know why you can't change it's formatting in the designer, but 
you could try putting your cursor just in front of it and then 
backspacing once, so that it becomes the final character of your final 
paragraph (which is where it should be in all documents).  Then see if 
your final paragraph is properly tagged and behaves as expected.

It sounds as though you may just have a corrupt file.  Try saving as MIF 
and then re-opening; that often solves mysterious problems.  MIF files 
are enormous and you have a large file to begin with -- make sure you 
save it on a disk with lots of space.

> I have tried successfully (I thought) to change the system font to one of 
> the two fonts I use (Adobe Garamond and Myriad Roman) using the maker.ini 
> file. Not respected.

You'd have to provide more details on what exactly you did, before 
anyone on the list could guide you on that one.  IIRC, there's more than 
one .ini file for FM 7.2.

> Thus I at least have identified the fault area (last page of the file), but 
> now am stuck for a solution. I read somewhere that the last page is the page 
> where all the numbering information is. I can report no page numbering 
> problems, but I digress...

I think you're confusing FM with MS Word.  Word saves a huge amount of 
information in the final pilcrow of a document and that info often gets 
corrupted.  Numbering in Word is a cruel joke at best, even without the 
pilcrow location.


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