I have found myself in this very same spot, where someone built a book with 
graphics imported from all over the network.

Naturally this makes the book impossible to archive and prone to error as 
graphics are remapped or lost.

I have written a simple script in the FrameScript programming language that 
inventories all of the graphics imported into a manual, copies them into a 
directory of your choice (optionally organized within sub-folders based on the 
filename of the chapter where the graphic is used), and re-links all of the 
graphics without altering the size, resolution, position, or any other 
attributes of the actual images.

If you have FrameScript installed on your computer, this is a ready-made 
solution to the problem. If you don't, this might be an alternative to get 
started, as many such time-saving scripts are available from developers such as 

Feel free to email me if this is something you're interested in and I can send 
you the script file.

Best regards,

Martin R. Smith
msmith at apexcovantage.com

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