J. Paul Kent wrote:
> Frame 7.1, Win XP
> Just before a recent deadline, I had to cobble together a bunch of content
> from disparate locations. 
> I'm going to need to archive my source files soon and it occurs to me that
> locating all of the graphics is going to be tricky.
> I'd like to generate a list of all the linked graphics, move all of the
> stragglers into sub-directories and then redo the links.
> There are about 40 files in the book. I guess I could generate MIF files and
> look through for .graphics files, but that seems tedious. Is this my only
> option or can I generate a list that shows the various file locations
> directly from the book?
> Thanks in advance.
> J. Paul Kent
> 206-383-0539
> 206-508-1144

In addition to others' suggestions, may I recommend the Archive plug-in 
by Bruce Foster:  http://tinyurl.com/2p34x9

"Archive is a shareware plugin for FrameMaker that copies a book to an 
archive directory and gathers all documents, referenced graphics, and 
text insets for that book into the archive directory. "

An inexpensive tool at $25.

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If it makes things work more easily, why isn't it called lubrican?

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