An alternative would be to create a dedicated, named flow on the  
master page with auto-connect turned off. This would result in a text  
field on each page that you could use to enter the issue or revision  

However, some potential issues come to mind. Whether you use a master  
page or a text flow to track the dates, it is unlikely that the text  
will stay in sync with the master page. As you add new text to the  
document, the text will flow through as many pages as necessary to  
format the document.

An alternative might be to auto-number your highest level headings and  
include a table in the front matter that tracks revisions to the major  
sections in the document.

Best regards,


Quoting Deirdre Reagan <deirdre.reagan at gmail.com>:

> Hi All!
> FM 8.0, XP.
> I don't even know how to ask this question.
> Let's say you have a 50 page document, and each page has the date of
> original issue on it. The date of original issue is a cross-reference
> (I know, I know) on the master page.
> If you want to make changes to a document and you want the revision
> date to appear only on the pages that have been revised, do you create
> a new master page based on the old master page and change the original
> cross-reference to a cross-reference to the revision date?
> I think that is what to do.
> If so, if we have a document that ends up in 12 revisions, then we
> will have 13 sets of master pages (1 original and 12 revisions)?
> Is that correct? All those master pages are ok?
> Thanks,
> Deirdre
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