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> I just remembered someone's advice -- delete the whole paragraph and
> the marker will go away.

Edit > Find > Any Marker will find and select markers. Keep the Marker
window open, so you can see its marker type and other information.
Delete key will delete the marker.

> Thank you!
> Deirdre
> On 7/3/08, Deirdre Reagan <deirdre.reagan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks Peter.
>> I tested this out.  In my TOC, all my Chapter Titles have the little
>> white box in front of them, and all my chapter subsections (1., a.,
>> etc) have a T in front of them.  All work as hyperlinks.
>> In the actual chapter, the Chapter Title with a T or a little white
>> box in front of it doesn't not work as a hyperlink.

They are not supposed to be hyperlinks that go somewhere. They are the
targets of hyperlinks that go to them.

>> All TOC hyperlinks connected to all chapters, regardless of whether
>> the chapter had a symbol.

View > Text Symbols is a file property; perhaps some chapter files
have them turned off, so the markers don't appear. Or, perhaps you're
hyperlinking to a subsection on the chapter title page, so it appears
you're going to a chapter page that has no chapter hyperlink. When you
hyperlink somewhere, the target marker is highlighted, and the Marker
window tells you what kind it is.

>> None of the chapters with the symbol hyperlinked to anywhere.
>> So I'm left with the question -- why are these symbols appearing at
>> the begining of some of my chapter titles, in the actual chapter.
>> I'd like to delete the symbols out of the Chapter Title in the actual
>> chapters (not from the TOC) and see what happens, but so far I've been
>> unsuccessful in finding any way to delete them.
>> Any suggestions?

Please read the Help. Search for markers, hyperlinks, generated lists,
table of contents, find marker, etc. Also there are several excellent
FM books, including:

FrameMaker(R) 7: The Complete Reference by Sarah S. S. O'Keefe and
Sheila A. A. Loring (Paperback - Jun 11, 2002)

Publishing Fundamentals: Unstructured FrameMaker 8 by Sarah S.
O'Keefe, Sheila A. Loring, Terry Smith (contributor), and Lydia K.
Wong (contributor) (Paperback - Jun 16, 2008)



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