To be more clear, only one instance of Frame is open. When ALL files in the 
book are open, it is possible to create a cross-ref to another file of the 
book. FM correctly lists all the book files in the Document drop-down list. 
However, when only the two files are open, FM does not list the other file name 
in the Document drop-down list, only the Current file. This is true when any 
two files are open. It's a puzzlement.

Emmy A.

> FM 7.1p116 on Win XP
> We are trying to create a cross-ref from one chapter
> to another. Both chapters are open. In the Cross 
> Reference dialog, in the Document drop-down list, it  
> it only displays the Current file and will not display 
> the other file. We have tried rebooting, uninstalling 
> and reinstalling Frame and the patch, to no avail. We 
> have more current versions of Frame, but are unable to  
> to use them on this particular project. This particular 
> project requires FM 7.1. What's more, the problem does 
> not exist on other machines running 7.1, but only on 
> this particular machine, and this particular machine  
> must be used for this particular project. Grr. What is 
> the solution?

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