I'm not sure if this is of much help, but I just did a test in Frame 6.  
I opened a book, opened two files from the book, and then inserted a 
cross ref from one open file to the other.  When the cross ref dialog 
opened, I clicked on the down arrow to expand the document list, and 
nothing happened.  I then remembered that there is a problem with Frame 
when you run the Classic Style windows and buttons on XP (as I do) - 
sometimes I had to click on the arrow 3 times to get the drop down list 
to appear.  However, as Fred said, when the cross ref dialog opens, the 
Document field is active and you can use the down arrow to select the 
correct file from the list. 



Fred Ridder wrote, on 4/07/2008 9:22 a.m.:
>> To be more clear, only one instance of Frame is open. 
>> When ALL files in the book are open, it is possible to 
>> create a cross-ref to another file of the book. FM correctly 
>> lists all the book files in the Document drop-down list. 
>> However, when only the two files are open, FM does 
>> not list the other file name in the Document drop-down 
>> list, only the Current file. This is true when any two 
>> files are open. It's a puzzlement.
> I recall seeing this behavior in FrameMaker 6.0, but had never
> noticed in in FM7.x (maybe because I usually have more than 
> two files open). I seem to recall that the issue was a display
> bug--the list box would not display up and down scroll buttons 
> when there were only two items in the list, apparently because 
> the list was too short to fit the buttons. But I also seem to 
> recall that I could use the cursor keys (the down arrow, 
> specifically) to highlight the otherwise invisible 2nd item in 
> the list. But I could be making that up...
> -Fred Ridder
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