Wim Hooghwinkel wrote (in part):

> As far as I know I have all fonts installed. I also didn't know that
> FrameMaker could embed fonts in a document. So what's the trick?

On a Windows system the originating application has nothing to do 
with font embedding unless you're talking about the small handful of
apps that internally generate PDF (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign). 
On a Windows system the font information is normally added into 
PostScript output streams by the printer driver. In version 7.0
of Acrobat there was a Printer Preferences setting called 'Do not 
send fonts to "Adobe PDF"', which that tells the printer driver not 
to include the fonts in the PostScript stream, but rather let Distiller 
access the font files directly if the Distiller job options are set up 
for font embedding. I'm guessing that this option was relabeled in 
Acrobat 8.0 as the 'rely on system fonts only; do not use document 
fonts' option you mention. 

But when you say that unchecking this option "meanns that embedded 
fonts wll be used in stead of system fonts", I think you're misinterpreting
the option. If this really is an option of the Adobe PDF printer, then it's
working on the PDF *creation* side, before there's ever a file for the
fonts to be embedded in. If it's on the creation side, I believe what it 
is controlling is where the Distiller will obtain the font information that
it embeds in the PDF: from the PostScript ("document fonts") or directly
from the font files ("system fonts"). 

But Adobe certainly could do a better job of explaining this stuff (and 
not changing their terminology with every release).
-Fred Ridder

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