Platform is Windows XP
Media Center Edition, v 2002, Service Pack 2

I have no .png files. However, one of the files has a diagram in it that I
created in Powerpoint. I saved it to PDF and then imported it. That could be
the culprit.

However, most of the chapters have no graphics at all, so it seems odd that
I can't get rid of the colors? It's driving me nuts because the custom
colors I created are at the end of the list. 

I can get around it by renaming the colors I created, but I'd rather have a
clean template.

Kelly Jo Horton

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Kelly Jo Horton wrote:

> Somehow I ended up with about 75 RGB colors added to my color
> I think it may have happened when I imported an RTF file. Not sure. 

You also get those definitions when you import graphics. If the graphic
is still in the FM file, you won't be able to remove the definition
since the definition will be in use. 

So, no way to remove them. 

Harro de Jong

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