Thanks, Matt. They already use WebWorks to get multiple help outputs using FM 
conditions for multiple versions and product-specific and market-specific 
versions, but I have mentioned the use of embedded 3D images and interactive 
drawings...until one of them went to the Adobe site and found out it's not as 
straight-forward as the marketing presentation made it seem, due to the need 
for a 3D graphic rendering program. And, RH in TCS doesn't work as 
transparently with the native FM files for single-sourcing as the old WWP, 
either. (As a matter of fact, I think it was someone on this list who pointed 
out that part...)  Personally, I think it's such a tight fiscal climate for 
them that any expenditure over about $200 is going to be a hard sell. I 
personally see the TCS value and will upgrade my personal copies, regardless of 
what the client does.

Rene L. Stephenson

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There are a ton of features related to the TCS integration.

    embedded 3d
    interactive simulations
    output to Help with simulations 
    using FM conditions to output to multiple help formats & versions

If applicable, these more than justify the upgrade, but you need to upgrade
to the TCS, not just FM8

-Matt Sullivan

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Hi All,

I am working up a justification for a client to move from FM 7.2 to FM 8.0.
Theirs is an unstructured FM environment with a shared-file architecture
that uses a lot of text insets and condition tags and variables. I have told
them that FM 8 would greatly simplify their condition catalog due to the use
of boolean expressions to show/hide conditions, which would eliminate a lot
of their "x+y" tags. But, since they already got the unlimited undo (well,
more or less) in FM 7, they're not convinced that just the boolean
conditions would be sufficient to justify the expense. I'm wondering if
there's something else I'm missing, like being able to apply conditions to a
column at a time, rather than just complete rows or text within a table
cell...? Maybe there's something better about how FM 8 handles text insets?

It would help, I think, if they were a structured shop, because it seems
most of the FM 8 benefits are targeted to the structured use of FM...but I'm
happy to be corrected!


Rene L. Stephenson

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