Thanks for the great tips and assessment, Fred! I'll check out ABCM and Insets 

I did finally receive approval for FM 8.0, so when I upgrade my personal copy, 
I'll get the TCS for myself. That way I can truly investigate that option as 
well as retain the flexibility for other clients. I'll have to look at whether 
their project timeline would allow for moving to structured FM before I can 
pitch any cost/feasibility to them, but I do see some potentially great 

Thanks EVERYONE for your priceless input!!

Rene L. Stephenson

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From: Fred Wersan <>

If the primary reason to move to Frame 8 is to go structured and take 
advantage of conditions using attributes, then I suggest they go 
structured in 7.2 and use ABCM from West St. Consulting. Or go to FM8 
for other reasons (like track changes) and still use ABCM. The frame 
implementation of condition by attribute seems very clumsy to me. By 
comparison ABCM (or Sourcerer) is much easier to use (and free).  And 
for text insets, I suggest using Insets Plus (also from West. St. also 

The big issue is not moving to FM8, it is moving to structured 
FrameMaker. (which I think is a good thing, but will probably be more 
costly to them in time and effort than buying the fm8 licenses.)

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