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Here is this week's question. At least, I hope it is the only one this

Working in structured docs, but I don't think that is the issue (but
wouldn't guarantee it). We have conditional text for a student guide and
an instructor guide. The part that is conditional is an instructor note
that "lives" in the sidehead. 

First, I notice that the doc isn't following it's own rules about
widows/orphans. Set for three lines, but it is only keeping two words
with the graphic on the next page. I need that whole paragraph to go
with the graphic.

Second, if I flip back and forth between the conditions, it seems to
erase the rules I have applied and do its own thing. I have tried
Special/Page break/Top of Page. I have tried the pagination tab in the
Paragraph Designer with all combinations of Keep With. I can get it to
look right in student and to instructor, but lose everything if I go
back to student.

Any ideas what I am missing?


Kristy Nolan
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