Hi Kristy,

When you toggle between "hiding" and "showing" conditionalized text,
FrameMaker may re-assign some paragraph formatting to a previously
hidden paragraph.  If you have FrameScript, you'll be able to see that
FrameMaker has assigned the unique paragraph id from one paragraph to

To avoid the formatting problems, you can try re-positioning the
conditionalized paragraphs before hiding them. It will probably be
easier to create an element attribute that controls the pagination (and
you'll be able to search for the new attribute using the find element
capability of the search tool.


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Hi, all!

Here is this week's question. At least, I hope it is the only one this

Working in structured docs, but I don't think that is the issue (but
wouldn't guarantee it). We have conditional text for a student guide and
an instructor guide. The part that is conditional is an instructor note
that "lives" in the sidehead. 

First, I notice that the doc isn't following it's own rules about
widows/orphans. Set for three lines, but it is only keeping two words
with the graphic on the next page. I need that whole paragraph to go
with the graphic.

Second, if I flip back and forth between the conditions, it seems to
erase the rules I have applied and do its own thing. I have tried
Special/Page break/Top of Page. I have tried the pagination tab in the
Paragraph Designer with all combinations of Keep With. I can get it to
look right in student and to instructor, but lose everything if I go
back to student.

Any ideas what I am missing?


Kristy Nolan
Publications Specialist
Ground Ops Publications DAL-3TR
Southwest Airlines
Dallas, TX 75235

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