Hi there Framers, Acrobateers, and TCSers,

(Did I miss anybody?)

I recently upgraded from FM 8.04 and Acrobat 8 Pro to the TCS, which
includes an enhanced version of FM8, as well as Captivate and Acrobat 8 3D.
Some of the menus in AB8 3D are different than those in AB8 Pro and I've run
into a problem with one of the Acrobat features that worked in AB 8 Pro but
does not work in AB 8 3D.  (Not likely related, but for the record, the OS
is Win XP SP2.)

In the Document -> Watermark dialog box in Acrobat 8 Pro, you can select the
page or pages on which you want the watermark to appear.   But in Acrobat
3D, the dialog box is different.  There is a field to set the pages, but it
is grayed out and I cannot find any way to enable it.

Does anyone know how I can enable this field?  There is NOTHING in the
online help about it at all (surprise! :-) In fact, the field isn't even
mentioned in the help.  I have not called support because I doubt that they
would be able to answer the question and there are more experts on this
list, including Dov and other Adobe employees, who are more likely to know
the answer.  Assuming there is one, that is.

Yeah, I know it sounds like a dumb problem, but we have a need to put a
watermark only on the cover of the manuals during a certain part of our doc
development cycle, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

To save some emails, here are some options and workarounds that we've
thought of but they all have drawbacks.

o  Switching back to AB 8 Pro - this is not an option
o  Installing both AB8 PR0 and AB8 3D.  Nope, only one version of AB can be
installed on a system at a time.
o  Generate the PDF of the cover separately, put the watermark on it, and
then replace the cover page in the main PDF with the cover PDF.  Possible,
but not productive with 32 manuals.
o  Putting a conditionalized title in the FM file is another option, but
also not productive because we'e have to generate two PDFs for each manual.
Time consuming and harder to manage.

Thanks lots.

Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems

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