We do it for one of your sister companies via master page. It's a rotated text 
line in an anchored frame, and the anchored frame is condition tagged with 
H2Omark_[watermarkText]. We have library level books that make deployment on 
all cover pages easy via ImportFormatsSpecial.dll (Rick Quatro). 

Just a thought, but if you think from a time-line perspective perhaps you could:

        1. Put a double cover page in the FM file of affected books.
        2. Generate one PDF per doc project.
        3. Delete the watermarked cover from the one PDF and save as 
        4. Go back to the one PDF, delete the non-watermarked cover from the 
PDF and save as X-with-watermark.PDF.
It may be a kludge in some folks' books, but it works for the situation.   ;-)

Rene L. Stephenson

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From: Diane Gaskill <dgcal...@earthlink.net>

Yeah, I know it sounds like a dumb problem, but we have a need to put a
watermark only on the cover of the manuals during a certain part of our doc
development cycle, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

To save some emails, here are some options and workarounds that we've
thought of but they all have drawbacks.

o  Putting a conditionalized title in the FM file is another option, but
also not productive because we'e have to generate two PDFs for each manual.
Time consuming and harder to manage.

Thanks lots.

Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems

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