Hello All

I posted this question on the FrameMaker-DITA group last week and got no 
response, so here goes again.

Using FM 7.1 p116 on Windows XP SP2.

In my EDD I have four elements that are defined as table elements. They are: 
tgroup, simpletable, choicetable, and properties (all DITA elements).
Working in a structured doc, I paste some delimited text that I want to convert 
to a table. I paste it either into a paragraph element or into some
other container. I select the text and go to Table > Convert to table. As 
expected, a dialog box opens showing the table formats, numbers of heading
rows, etc. However, the only choice in the Element tag box is simpletable. 
Other table elements just don't appear.

The same is true if I go to Table > Insert table. Normally I would not do this 
anyway, preferring to use the element catalog.

It is always the simpletable that is presented as the only option; the other 
three are never presented.

I can trick the system sometimes into presenting all four elements, but it's a 
hassle and I haven't yet found any pattern as to what makes it
enumerate them.

Is this a known bug in FM 7.1? Or is there something else that could trigger 
this behaviour?


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