Hi all,

I have a question relating to converting FM files to HTML.

When I split up a file into several HTML files by selecting the "Start  
New, Linked Web Page" option in the HTML Setup dialog, a simulated TOC  
is generated in the parent document. This is extremely useful of  
course, and I have no objection, but my question is this: is there any  
way of changing the appearance of the simulated TOC in FM, rather than  
changing the code in the generated HTML file?

There appears to be no macro for this simulated TOC in the reference  
pages, and the contents of the TOC are automatically formatted with  
the same font size and style as the titles to which they refer (with  
added color and underline). Which makes them appear comically large  
when following the leading text.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance,

Jona Steenbrink

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