Windows XP Pro/Frame 7.2 (Illustrator 9 I think)

I've got a project that uses two greek fonts. I installed them using the 
standard Windows fonts UI and Frame seems to be recognizing them fine. However, 
when I copy in text from a Word document, I'm having a little stress. It seems 
like using Copy|Paste|Special|RTF provides a good result. I changed all of my 
style definitions to use the Greek fonts and the text is now coming in fine. 

The exceptions are there tho. First, Any style that has text in the 
autonumering (Figure x, Table x, Note: etc.). For these, I've had to take the 
autonumbering out because when I paste in the Greek word for Figure or Note, it 
comes through with gibberish characters. Is there a way to get the 
autonumbering to work? This manual is very short and has no index, but I bet 
that the Index dialog boxes will do the same thing when I paste in a translated 
string that uses Greek characters. I'm guessing that I need to change the 
active keyboard character set while I work on this job. Is that heading in the 
right direction?

Another problem is that my (Illustrator source) figures include text call outs. 
Last night I tried pasting the translations into Illustrator, but Arial Greek 
for some reason doesn't show in the list of available fonts.

I found that I could work around by creating callouts in Photoshop (for some 
reason the characters paste in OK). As I type this, it occurs to me that it 
would be smarter to create the callouts in Frame text boxes. I'll get better 
control and resolution.  I'm wondering though if anyone has an idea about why 
only Greek MT Dual shows up (and why it doesn't help) and why Arial Greek 
doesn't show up in the list of available Illustrator fonts. 

Thanks in advance for whatever light you can shed on this project.


J. Paul Kent 

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