Aravindhan T S wrote:
> Hi,
> please see the image.
> The context with the box is how i want the image to be. where the icon is
> aligned in the middle of the line. I'm manually resizing the anchored frame
> to acheive this.


I don't know of an automated way to do this, but I have a couple of 

-- To eliminate extra space that will mess up your vertical separations 
between lines, use the shrink-wrap command (Esc m p) to reduce the 
anchored frame to exactly the size of its contents.

-- After you shrink the frame, select it again and set the Distance 
above Baseline to a negative number.  (You'll have to experiment to find 
the right setting, but -3 or -5 is likely to work.)  If you have to do 
this often, be sure to learn the keyboard shortcuts:

Alt+s a         to open the anchored frame dialog box
Alt+d           to select the Distance value
Enter           to close the dialog box after typing the new value

-- If all your icons are the same size, you can save a suitably sized 
and distanced empty anchored frame in a text frame on a reference page. 
  Before importing the first graphic, copy and paste from the ref. page 
into your body page, then (with the frame still selected) import the 
graphic file.

-- The anchored frame dialog box settings will persist until you change 
them or until you use File > Import > File with no anchored frame 
selected.  Therefore, if you create one properly distanced anchored 
frame, you can save time by inserting the next anchored frame *before* 
importing the next graphic, then shrink-wrapping.  The Distance setting 
will be unaffected.


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