I had been printing my FM 7.1 and 8.0 files with referenced Illustrator CS2
art on my aging PS printer (Postscript 2). I installed Adobe CS3 over the
weekend and created new illustrations in Illustrator CS3. These new
illustrations are referenced into my FM document, as in the past. However,
they will not print on my printer. The error says, "ERROR: undefined,
OFFENDING COMMAND: get." A list of STACK is included with the error. 

I can print the illustration directly from Illustrator and I can make a PDF
from the FM file and then print the PDF with no problem. I tried saving the
art as CS2 and CS. I also set the Postscript to 2. Nothing works so far.

I called Adobe support and was told that the new Illustrator CS3 uses PS 3
and something in FM does not interpret something. Before I head out to buy a
newer printer, does anyone have a suggestion to make the CS3 art print from
the FM document (without making a PDF first)?

Tim Lewis

Lewis Technical Communications, Inc.

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