On 5 Jun 2008, at 08:38, Michael M?ller-Hillebrand wrote:

> Loosely connected to this:
> Is there a list available which Illustrator versions/levels were
> supported by which FrameMaker versions?
>  From time to time I am confronted with people having Illustrator
> CS2/3 but still use FrameMaker 7.0 (or 6.0, like Apple). So they need
> some advice to save EPS files as Illustrator <version>.

Hi Michael,

I don't think it makes a lot of difference, although I'm prepared to  
be enlightened :-) Certainly something I've never come across, and we  
use EPS files saved as Illustrator EPS versions 8.0, 9.0, 10, and  
CS2. I just knocked up a quick graphic and saved it as EPS CS2 and it  
imports OK into Mac FrameMaker 6.0.

As long as the EPS file has the following header, FrameMaker will  
import it.

"%!PS-Adobe-3.1 EPSF-3.0"

Why do we use Illustrator 8.0 files? Well, the following quick  
translation from "DTP & Insatsu Super Encyclopaedia 2008," a yearly  
Japanese DTP publication, may shed some light.

"Even though several years have past since Mac OS 9 was discontinued,  
and Macs that run the Classic Environment are no longer on sale, many  
users are still using using Mac OS 9, Illustrator 8, and QuarkXPress  
3.3 for DTP. The reason is that if a printer, designer, DTP operator,  
output bureau, printer, etc., changes their own system, they'll  
become incompatible with everyone else in the publishing chain. This  
is a big difference with Web designers who generally don't have to  
rely on others in their work."


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