I'm not so sure it's a problem with Acrobat.  I think it might be with
FrameMaker.  Or, more-precisely, with the name of the .fm file.

I remember learning (from Shlomo Perets, I think) that sometimes,
FrameMaker fails - without complaint - to produce a satisfactory .ps

I've encountered this problem a few times.  After trying every other
solution, I shortened the name of the .fm file to not more than
_eight_letters_.  Then, FrameMaker was happy and performed as otherwise

I seem to recall that the problem occurs extremely-infrequently and
stems from the deepest, oldest, UNIX code in FrameMaker.

Shlomo and Dov, can you confirm or refute?  If so, please do.

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I have found that if I have a Frame file that contains a very long name,
or if it is buried deep in a network path (folder within a folder within
a folder etc.) that I can't build a PDF. I get a message that Distiller
can't open the *.tps file. If I move the Frame file to my C: drive and
shorten the name, then I can build a PDF. Does anyone know the path
limitations of Acrobat?

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