I too have the same version applications. I tried deselecting the Bookmarks
while saving my Book as PDF it works properly.
You can try again with these settings in the Bookmark Tag:
Unchecked the "Generated PDF Book"
Empty the list if it is in "Include" frame
Unchecked the "Include Paragraph Tags in Bookmark Text"
Also unchecked the articles.

I think if you follw these it will work.

Note: Close the PDF file if (any)opened before going for these steps.


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Hi Framers,
FM 7.0 with XP. Acrobat Professional6.0, Distiller6.0
I try to save my FM Book as pdf or print to postscript and then make pdf.
In the pdf settings dialog box, in the 'Bookmarks' tab, I select 'None' for
Bookmarks expanded through level' check box. But still it expands the
bookmarks in the pdf to the last level. It is very strenuous to manually
collapse hunderds of bookmarks. What do I do?
(In my previous PC it was working well but in my current one it is not)

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