CTRL+Clicking the bookmark?is a great tip indeed.
The plugin referred by Penelope works great too.

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You wrote:

>FM 7.0 with XP. Acrobat Professional6.0, Distiller6.0
>I try to save my FM Book as pdf or print to postscript and then make pdf.
>In the pdf settings dialog box, in the 'Bookmarks' tab, I select
>'None' for Bookmarks expanded through level' check box. But still it
>expands the bookmarks in the pdf to the last level. It is very
>strenuous to manually collapse hunderds of bookmarks. What do I do?
>(In my previous PC it was working well but in my current one it is not)

FrameMaker's control of bookmark collapse/expand state is not always 

Other than using add-ons, you can quickly set the bookmark collapse/expand 
state in Acrobat by Ctrl-clicking the [-] icon to the left of a bookmark 
will collapse *all* subordinate bookmarks (and likewise, Ctrl-cliking the 
[+] icon will expand all subordinate bookmarks). Use Save or Save As to 
store the bookmark collapse/expand state in the PDF.

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