Exactly which fonts were you using? The Type 1 version of Adobe Garamond
or the OpenType version of Adobe Garamond (Adobe Garamond Pro)? And do you
actually have these fonts installed on your system (as opposed to some of
them being "printer resident fonts")?

        - Dov

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> Subject: Adobe Garamond font in bold doesn't distill properly
> Framers,
> FM 8
> Acro 8
> Win XP
> I created a new template recently and selected Adobe Garamond for my body
> text. I created a bold character tag and set it to As Is, then selected Bold
> for the weight. When I created a PDF, all of the bold text was all weird
> (oddly spaced in a supposed monospaced font).
> After looking into that, I found that the only Weight option for the Adobe
> Garamond font was actually Semibold, so I changed the character tag to
> Semibold, but I'm seeing the same results when I create a PDF. All looks
> fine on-screen and when printing a laser printer from FM, so it must be
> something related to Acrobat.
> In looking at my Distiller options, I don't see any of the Adobe fonts
> listed in the Embedding field on the Fonts screen. I think these fonts came
> with FM 8 (I see several Adobe fonts in FM 8), because I don't think I had
> them before I installed FM 8.
> I can't seem to find where these Adobe fonts are installed, and I'm not sure
> how to resolve this PDF issue. Of course, I can change to a different
> Garamond (I do have another), but I'd like to understand the problem and
> solution better, in case I really want to use these Adobe fonts in the
> future.
> Thanks in advance!
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