It sounds as if Adobe PDF isn't set as the default printer (it should
be) and you may be invoking a printer font that isn't actually
installed on your system but is resident on the printer.

Not directly related to this, but you may want to check the
DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics= line in maker.ini too. It is usually set
to Off; but On would be better to accurately reflect the font display
on screen.


On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 2:13 PM, Linda G. Gallagher
<lindag at> wrote:
> Framers,
> FM 8
> Acro 8
> Win XP
> I created a new template recently and selected Adobe Garamond for my body
> text. I created a bold character tag and set it to As Is, then selected Bold
> for the weight. When I created a PDF, all of the bold text was all weird
> (oddly spaced in a supposed monospaced font).
> After looking into that, I found that the only Weight option for the Adobe
> Garamond font was actually Semibold, so I changed the character tag to
> Semibold, but I'm seeing the same results when I create a PDF. All looks
> fine on-screen and when printing a laser printer from FM, so it must be
> something related to Acrobat.
> In looking at my Distiller options, I don't see any of the Adobe fonts
> listed in the Embedding field on the Fonts screen. I think these fonts came
> with FM 8 (I see several Adobe fonts in FM 8), because I don't think I had
> them before I installed FM 8.
> I can't seem to find where these Adobe fonts are installed, and I'm not sure
> how to resolve this PDF issue. Of course, I can change to a different
> Garamond (I do have another), but I'd like to understand the problem and
> solution better, in case I really want to use these Adobe fonts in the
> future.
> Thanks in advance!
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