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Hi all,

I'd like my template header to be formatted this way: "ChapterTitle - Heading1".

Imagine I have a Heading1 on page 2 (let's say "Introducing the product") of my 
Chapter 1, then a second Heading1 on page 8 ("Identifying the components"). 

How do I get a header displaying "Chapter 1 - Introducing the product" from 
page 2 to 7, then  "Chapter 1 - Identifying the components" for the following 

So far I have "Chapter 1 - Introducing the product" on page 2, "Chapter 1 - " 
on pages 3 to 7, then "Chapter 1 - Identifying the components" on page 8, and 
again "Chapter 1 - " on page 9 to ..

I'm using FM 7.2 on PC.

Thank you for your help !


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