Hi Mathieu: 

You could define the Heading1 autonumber as:
(using ALT+0151 for the ?)

This would read the chapter number setting from the file, so it wouldn't 
increment when you use it multiple times in the same file. You could also do 
some series numbering settings, but I find this to be the simplest approach. 

However, from a readability perspective, it might confuse the reader, because 
conventionally the chapter number is presented with the chapter title, and this 
format would look like several different chapter titles assigned to the same 
chapter number. Collapsed heading levels go against certain well-established 
conventions (and with good reason).  One way around this is the technical-style 
numbered headings (1.1, 1.2, etc.) that provide at-a-glance chapter reference 
within the various heading levels. Another way to handle it is to display 
chapter info in the master page header as a point of reference. There are a lot 
of ways to address the same concern, really...as is usually the case in life!

So, when you implement the layout the way you want it, regardless of your final 
solution, I would encourage you to present a sample document to a wide sampling 
of representatives of your target audience and ask some well-formed and 
open-ended questions about how they interpret/understand the headings and 
information hierarchy in the document. Regardless of the tack you take, 
usability feedback on templates is always helpful. :-)

Rene L. Stephenson

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Hi all,

I'd like my template header to be formatted this way: "ChapterTitle - Heading1".

Imagine I have a Heading1 on page 2 (let's say "Introducing the product") of my 
Chapter 1, then a second Heading1 on page 8 ("Identifying the components"). 

How do I get a header displaying "Chapter 1 - Introducing the product" from 
page 2 to 7, then  "Chapter 1 - Identifying the components" for the following 

So far I have "Chapter 1 - Introducing the product" on page 2, "Chapter 1 - " 
on pages 3 to 7, then "Chapter 1 - Identifying the components" on page 8, and 
again "Chapter 1 - " on page 9 to ..

I'm using FM 7.2 on PC.

Thank you for your help !


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