Jona Steenbrink wrote:

> Looking at it again (and apologies if this is not relevant or
> practical) I notice that if you are importing a text inset, if you
> *select* the pilcrow (thereby selecting the entire container
> paragraph, rather than just placing the cursor in front of the
> pilcrow) and import the text inset, any text that follows after the
> text inset will retain its formatting, even when the text inset is
> updated. An additional benefit to this is that there is no 'extra'
> line under the text inset.
> Does this make sense, or am I simply confusing the matter further?

It makes sense, but let's be clear about what happens. When you _select_
the pilcrow and then import the text inset, you're actually deleting
that pgf (replacing it with the text inset). It's the same principle as
when you select a pgf and then paste what's on the clipboard -- what you
paste or import _replaces_ what was selected. 

The result is that the selected pgf disappears and the pgf that
_followed_ it becomes the container of the text inset (click the text
inset to highlight it and you'll see that that's the case). Since
there's text in that pgf separating the text inset from the pilcrow, all
is well. 

At least, that's how it worked through FM 6. Stephen's problem suggests
things got worse in FM 7.2 :-o 


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