You are getting exactly what you ask for (and deserve? :-) )

The font name is "Arial" but the "PostScript name" inside the font
(i.e., what displays inside of Acrobat or Reader) of that particular
font is "ArialMT" where the "MT" is for Monotype, the font foundry
from which it originates.

Thus, what you are getting out of Distiller is perfectly kosher
(assuming you really like Arial)!

        - Dov

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> From: Lane, Laura K
> Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 5:43 AM
> I'm using FrameMaker 7.2, Acrobat Pro 7.0.9, and XP.  I've been printing
> PDF books and individual files from FrameMaker using the Arial font but
> when I check the font in the PDF it has been changed to ArialMT.  I have
> the font locations in the settings for the Distiller program as the
> following:
> C:\Program File\adobe\distillr\Data\fonts\
> C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker7.2\fminit\fonts\
> C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker7.2\fminit\
> C:\Windows\fonts\
> Arial is in all of these locations but distiller doesn't seem to
> recognize Arial as the font to be used.  When I go into the settings for
> Distiller it doesn't list Arial as a one of the fonts to select. I've
> uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat and it still won't recognize Arial.
> In my FrameMaker .ini file I have the default as Arial and it doesn't
> mention ArialMT anywhere in the file.  My EDD for this book tells FM to
> use Arial and there's only Arial in the FM files without any user
> overrides.  Again no mention of ArialMT.
> Any suggestions on how I can get Distiller to use Arial and not ArialMT?
> I'm completely stumped here.
> Thanks in advance,
> Laura

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