You're right, Dennis. I checked with an IT guru buddy who has done a lot of 
reworks of Vista machines when his clients got bitten by one of its bugs and 
wanted to roll back to XP, and he said it was a complete nightmare, every 
single time, and a couple of times was such a colossal headache that he just 
told the client to return the computer for a refund and buy an XP machine. He 
said if I go to a Vista box, I'd better be prepared to do it come what may 
without looking back.

Rene L. Stephenson

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Whatever you do, don't fall into the trap of buying a Windows-based
laptop with VISTA installed on it, hoping to *upgrade* to Windows XP. In
some cases, this is possible, but look into it first. With brand new
hardware designed for VISTA, you may not be able to find XP-suitable
drivers. Your best best (in the Windows arena) is to get one originally
designed for XP, assuming of course that you choose to avoid

Dennis Brunnenmeyer

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