The easier way to change all tags to Arial would be to go into Para
Designer, set the font to Arial, and then do Commands >  Global Update
Options >  FontProperties/All Para and Chara Entries.

(I'd make a backup copy first... CYA.)


On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 12:23 PM, Stuart Rogers
<srogers at> wrote:
> Gagne, Bernard (Bolton) wrote:
>> Hi Frank,
>> I suspect Distiller is changing your Helvetica to Times New Roman when
>> you PDF because you do not actually have the Helvetica font on your
>> system. It is likely residing on your physical printer and Windows is
>> making available in your Frame font menu. When you print to Adobe PDF,
>> or save as PDF, it cannot embed a font that is not on your system. Since
>> the default font for missing fonts is Times New Roman, that is what you
>> see in the finished PDF.
>> You need to make Adobe PDF your default printer in FrameMaker. Even if
>> you had Helvetica installed on your system, the wrapping issue might
>> persist. This is due to the difference in font metrics between Distiller
>> and the physical printer. Each interpret font widths and letter spacing
>> differently, causing lines to wrap unexpectedly.
> Frank,
> In addition to Bernie's comments, you might want to install the SetPrint
> plug-in from Sundorne, which will make the Distiller printer your
> default within FM, without changing it in your other applications.
> (Free and highly recommended.)
> Alternatively, you may be able to change a setting in your physical
> printer's driver to prevent it from reporting its fonts to Windows.  Our
> old Lexmark had such a setting, but I'm sure it varies in
> name/location/availability by manufacturer and model.
> You also asked how to "change all fonts in every [tag] to Arial in one
> fell swoop."
> The only way I know of is to save the file as MIF, open in a text
> editor, and do a search/replace, then save and reopen in FM.  HOWEVER,
> you must take into account the possible variations in your font names
> for bold, bolded, oblique, obliqued, etc.  There's room for much
> complication, depending on the fonts.  The names must be exactly
> correct, or FM will report fonts not found.
> HTH,
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