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Dodd, Frank J wrote:

>  When converting a framemaker document to an adobe PDF I suddenly get 
> sentences that wrap onto the next line.
> The only item I can attribute this to is the fact that adobe converts 
> all the Helvetica fonts in my FM file to Times new roman....
> Does anybody have any idea :
> Why the change to another font?

Because you don't have the Helvetica fonts. You could buy them -- is one source.

> Why the mystery wrap?

It's not a mystery. Different fonts have different font metrics. You
can't replace Helvetica with Times New Roman (FM's default replacement
for missing fonts) without your whole document reformatting.

> How to change all the fonts in every style to Arial in one fell swoop?

Wouldn't it be better to buy the fonts that the document was intended to

If you insist on making everything Arial: 

1. Open Paragraph Designer and select the Default Font tab. 
2. Select Commands > Set Window to As Is. 
3. Set Family to Arial. 
4. Select Commands > Global Update Options. 
5. In the dialog box, select Default Font Properties Only and All
Paragraphs and Catalog Entries, and then click Update. 



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