I just wanted to express my thanks to Art Campbell. I removed SP3 from my
machine and I once again have full Visio pasting functionality.

I did post a comment on Microsoft's website under the SP3 write-up regarding
this issue. It's not a nag, but at least I let them know their update was
causing problems.

Thanks again, Art!

Brian Weis

From: Art Campbell <art.campb...@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 11:16 AM
Subject: Re: FrameMaker Internal Error -- Visio and "...lost image data"
To: Brian Weis <bweis.wordsmith at gmail.com>
Cc: framers at frameusers.com

If you search back through the archives and/or visit the Frame user's
forum on Adobe.com, you'll see that this has been a pretty common
topic since Microsoft released SP3 for XP. They included some security
fixes to OLE that have effectively broken it, at least as far as
managing objects in Frame go.

Only reported fix is backing out of SP3.

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